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A unique sauna with waves

Have you ever had perfect "löyly" in a wood-heated sauna, meanwhile admiring the seascapes and the ships flying by? This unique opportunity can finally be experienced in the waters of Helsinki!

IKI-Kiuas my fortune

in the president´s footsteps to the sauna

My Fortune sauna

Seats for 10 people

Wood-heated IKI stove

Refrigerator for cold drinks

Two showers

Dressing rooms

Towels and sauna slippers

Soap & shampoo

Sauna equipment

Throughout the ages, the most important Finnish negotiations have been held on the sauna benches.

M/Y Fortune's sauna is designed for meetings, and the curved benches on both sides of it bring the whole group to the same conversation. Even our former president, Urho Kekkonen, brought foreign guests to the sauna to discuss some hot topics. 
Sauna is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, going to the sauna on the water is a must feel experience!

in the president´s footsteps to the sauna

admire the seascapes
In the perfect baths of the IKI stove

On the M/Y Fortune boat you will surely find one of the most wonderful saunas in Helsinki. The interior of the sauna is built entirely with a waned black alder, and its perfect steams, "löylyt" in Finnish, are provided by a partner IKI-Kiuas. A wood-burning stove is a rare sight on a boat, but the owners decided right away when buying the boat that the only right option for a sauna stove is Original IKI. While relaxing in the sauna, you can also admire the seascapes from its two windows. And since cold drinks belong in the Sauna, you can find a fridge full of beverages under the boards.

There are also two showers in M/Y Fortune's sauna facilities, so that washing after the sauna is effortless. 

Saunaristeily Helsinki


Sauna cruise from

600€/2h Mon-Tue
800€/2h  Wed-Sun

The price of a sauna cruise is defined by the hours and the chosen route for a cruise. The capacity of the sauna is 8-10 people and the minimum duration of the sauna cruise is 2 hours. 

Additional hours are priced according to the hourly prices of the Archipelago cruise.

The vessel is registered for 12 passengers. The prices include the ship and crew. Prices do not include drinks and food. There is a bar on board, so bringing your own drinks on board is not allowed.  

For companies, 10% VAT is added to the prices.

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