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My Fortune saunalautta

M/Y Fortune menu 2024

Prices includes VAT 14%.

Cocktail pieces €4.90/pc
(minimum order 10 pieces per product)

Toast Skagen (L)
Smoked reindeer roll with lingonberry jelly (L)
Cold smoked salmon with rye chips (L)
Traditional Finnish Karelian pie with egg and butter (L) ​

Quiches €6.90/piece
(minimum order 5 pieces per product)

Feta and spinach (L)
Ham and cheese (L) ​ ​

Breakfast / Meeting meals €11.90/person

Coffee & tea
Filled croissants (L)
(choose 1 pc/person from the options below)

Tomato & mozzarella (vegetarian)
Ham & cheese
Fresh seasonal vegetables & salad (vegetarian) ​

Tin bread, i.e. pizza in the Åland style:

Niska Restaurant

Niska's orders can be picked up ready for the ship if the departure of the cruise has been agreed at Meritullintori.

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