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Ready-made cruise packages

Below you will find ready-made cruise packages for various occasions. Each example can be customized according to your wishes, exactly as it suits you best.

Contact us and we'll plan more! ​

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Christmas Cruise

Bring your company or friends to admire Helsinki's wonderful city lights from the sea and enjoy an atmospheric sauna cruise with Christmas treats. A cup of hot mulled wine after sauna is guaranteed to bring an enjoyable and relaxing experience for the whole group. If there are brave swimmers in the group, it is possible to anchor in a sheltered cove and take a dip in the refreshing Baltic Sea. The cruise can be customized exactly according to your wishes.

3h Sample cruise:


17:00 Departure from Meritullintori, Helsinki. The captain's welcome speech. Start with glasses of sparkling wine or hot mulled wine and admire the Helsinki waterfront and Jugend houses.

17:30 Sauna with the group, mixed up or in shifts. The wood-burning Original IKI stove serves moist lingering baths. From the windows of the sauna, you can watch the ships flying by or the colors of the archipelago. Cold refreshments are available from under the sauna bench.

18:30 Anchoring in a sheltered cove near Vallisaari. Those who wish can take a dip in the water and others can cool off on the deck of the ship.

19:00 Anchor up and to cruise. Getting to know Helsinki's unique and historical archipelago while enjoying Christmas treats. Gingerbreads, cheeses, grapes and mulled wine. The beautiful lights of the city from the sea are an experience worth seeing.

20:00 Return to Meritullintori and continue the evening in the center. Our staff thanks you!


Offer price (-30%)

770€ + VAT 10%

Meeting Cruise

Would it be time for a change of scenery and bring the work team to a meeting in a soothing marine environment? The meeting in the archipelago will surely be remembered positively by the working group. After the discussions, it's good to change the work shift to free and enjoy perfect relaxation in the island scenery.


4h Sample cruise:


At 13:00 Departure from Meritullintori, Helsinki. The captain's welcome speech. Afternoon coffee upon arrival on board and getting to know the Helsinki archipelago.

At 13:30 Meeting in the ship's lounge, with a 43" TV screen for presentation. It is possible to order meeting props through our company or, alternatively, bring them to the location yourself.

15:00 Relaxing sauna after the meeting. Soft lapping and cooling off on the ship's deck. If you wish, we can drop the anchor so you can have a swimming break. Refreshing after work products can be found in the ship's refrigerators.

17:00 Return to Meritullintori after a sauna and archipelago cruise. Our staff thanks you!


Offer price (-30%)

980€ + VAT 10%

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Sports cruise

Having trouble finding a place for the sports night? M/Y Fortune would have perfect coverage for this. Through the lounge's 43" television, you can watch the match or tournament you want while enjoying the products of the cold cabinets and take refreshing drinks during the break or at halftime.


4h Sample cruise:


18:00 Departure from Meritullintori, Helsinki. The captain's welcome speech. Cold drinks to start and watching the game on the TV in the lounge.

18:30 Cruising in the archipelago, enjoying snacks in the lounge and watching the game. The sauna is warm throughout the cruise and you can take a relaxing bath during breaks.

20:00 Anchoring in a sheltered cove near Vallisaari. Swimming and chilling and watching the game.

21:00 The cruise continues around the archipelago. The grill on the back deck is available for a bigger hunger.

22:00 Return to Meritullintori. Our staff thanks you!


Offer price (-30%)

980€ + VAT 10%

Fishing Charter

How would a fishing trip to an outer island by a campfire and sauna in the waves sound? The real Finnish way of living. M/Y Fortune organizes versatile trips to the archipelago, and this one is certainly the most interesting of all.


6h sample cruise:


16:00 Departure from Helsinki's Meritullintori. Captain's initials and releasing the ropes. Admire the seascapes of Helsinki and fishing through the archipelago towards the open sea.

17:00 Landing on the rocky island. Attaching the ropes to the rock, unloading the goods and carrying firewood to the campfire site. Lighting a campfire and eating in the countryside. Snacks are optional, but campfire sausages and soot pot coffees are a guaranteed success.

18:00 After dinner, you can tour the terrain and walk along the coastal cliffs if you wish. Fishing is also possible from the island in addition to the usual camping.

20:00 The cruise continues. During the visit to the island, the skipper has heated the ship's sauna and M/Y Fortune is ready to receive the sauna guests. The bow of the boat is directed towards the city and guests can enjoy perfect “löylys” in the waves. A few frosty ones in the sauna and cooling off on the ship's deck in the seascapes.

22:00 Return to Meritullintori, hopefully with a catch of fish and a great experience. Our staff thanks you!


6 hour excursion: 1900€ + VAT 10%
Extra hours 300€/h

Includes a cruise to the island, a heated sauna, firewood and camping supplies, fishing equipment and hiking snack with coffee service.

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